Big Brother Contestant Arrested in Boston on Drug and Assault & Battery Charges

Matt McDonald, the “Big Brother” contestant from Charlestown, Massachusetts, was arrested twice this past month on two separate criminal charges.

Earlier this month, McDonald was arrested in Winthrop, Massachusetts, for allegedly beating up his pregnant girlfriend. His girlfriend alleges that he kicked her in the collarbone, put her in a headlock and began punching her in the arms, and also threatened to kill her father if he called the police. According to the Boston Police Department, McDonald’s girlfriend had visible bruising on her arms, neck and collarbone. The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office has charged him with Aggravated Assault & Battery in connection with this incident.

Just yesterday, McDonald was also indicted in Boston’s Federal District Court on various Drug Crimes allegedly being involved with a purported drug operation run by another former “Big Brother” contestant, Adam Jasinski. According to the Boston Federal prosecutors and the Drug Enforcement Agency, McDonald conspired with Jasinski in selling Oxycodone, which were reportedly purchased from Jasinski’s Big Brother winnings. Jasinski, meanwhile, was arrested in North Reading, Massachusetts, last October after he tried selling Oxycodone to a cooperating government witness.

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