Norwell Teen Charged with Attempted Murder For Running Over 4 Others

Nathan Delaplain-Zook, 18, of Norwell, Massachusetts, was arrested for allegedly running over three teenage girls and then a teenage boy after trying to leave the scene. The May 3rd incident, at about 4:00 p.m., occurred in a condominium parking lot where a planned fight was supposed to take place between Norwell and Rockland teens.

Delaplain-Zook was arraigned this morning in Hingham District Court with three counts of Attempted Murder and two counts of Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon. He was held without bail after a Mental Health Evaluation by Dr. Jody Shapiro, the court’s mental health expert.

Witnesses told Rockland Police than when the van driven by Delaplain-Zook pulled into the parking lot, a teenager from Rockland tried to open the van’s door and pull out one of the van’s four occupants. The Norwell teenagers in Delaplain-Zook’s van pushed the Rockwell teen away, at which point the van ran over three girls, including one girls’ leg and another’s stomach.

After the incident, the Massachusetts State Police Reconstruction Team responded to the area and were investigating the incident late into the evening. Witnesses on scene, however, report that it appeared to them that Delaplain-Zook intentionally ran over the teens.

At his arraignment today in Hingham District Court, it was disclosed that Delaplain-Zook has a history of mental health disorders and that he has been hospitalized three times in the past for other alleged acts of violence. Jody Shapiro, the court’s mental health expert, also informed the Judge that Delaplain-Zook, as a result of his mental-health disoder(s), hears voices, though he did not report hearing any voices on Monday at the time of this alleged incident.

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