2 Arraigned in Superior Court for Murder of Nicholas Fomby-Davis

Crisostomo Lopes, 20, and Joshua Fernandes, 16, were arraigned yesterday in Suffolk Superior Court for the May 30 Murder of 14 year-old Nicholas Fomby-Davis in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Standing behind a door in the Criminal Magistrate’s Session with their faces out of view from the public, Crisostomo Lopes and Joshua Fernandes pled ‘not guilty’ to the Fomby-Davis murder.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office alleges that Fomby-Davis was riding his motorized scooter with a relative in Dorchester when the two almost ran into Lopes, who was riding his bicycle at the time. No words were exchanged at that time and Fomby-Davis went home. A short time later, Fomby-Davis took his scooter out for another ride and was confronted by Lopes and Fernandes, who were allegedly lying in wait, crouching down on the sidewalk. Lopes is alleged to have then grabbed Fomby-Davis by the shoulder and held him down while Fernandes fired 3 rounds into Fomby-Davis.

When Lopes was arrested by an off-duty Boston Police Officer, he allegedly stated “What are you going to do, shoot me? You’ll catch it, too”, suggesting that the Boston Police Officer would also get shot. Lopes then allegedly recited the license plate of the Boston Police Officer’s car aloud.

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