4 Charged with Massachusetts Drug Trafficking Over 75 Pounds of Marijuana

Lowell Police yesterday arrested four people on Massachusetts Drug Crimes Charges in connection with the seizure of 75 pounds of marijuana and 2 guns.

Phaly Chhoeun, 28; Samnang Sath, 34; Sanith Siv, 35; and Mao Keo, 33, all of Lowell, are each facing charges of Drug Trafficking; Drug School Zone Violation; and Conspiracy to Violate the Massachusetts Drug Laws.

Mao Keo is also charged with Massachusetts Gun Charges and being an Armed Career Criminal.

The drug investigation by the Lowell Police Department that led to these arrests came after police executed a search warrant at an apartment in Lowell.

In many drug cases where search warrants are involved, police will often have to rely on a period of undercover surveillance of the target location and the suspected individuals believed to be involved. Sometimes police will also employ undercover police officers, but most often they will rely on confidential informants who will conduct ‘controlled drug buys’ with the individuals.

In drug investigation where police believe that drugs are being sold from a particular location but are unsure of the identity of the individuals involved, the use of confidential informants becomes even more important. Sometimes, however, police will be reluctant to reveal the identity of the confidential informants, even at trial, and this could sometimes prove advantageous to the defense.

In every case involving search warrants in drug cases, the application for the search warrant should be scrutinized extremely carefully for any deficiencies. In some cases, the probable cause necessary for the issuance of the search warrant may be lacking, and the person may have meritorious challenge in getting the drugs excluded (by filing a Motion to Suppress Evidence).

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