Beverly Men Arrested on Armed Robbery Charges

Three Beverly men, Robert C. Kenney, 56, Christopher Littlejohn, 30, and Ramone Arakelow, 34, were arrested yesterday morning on charges of Conspiracy to Commit a Home Invasion and Armed Robbery against a purported Malden drug dealer.

The Massachusetts State Police, Lynn Police Department and the FBI were all reportedly involved in the investigation, who apparently created the identity of a fictitious Malden drug dealer and would-be victim. The men were apparently under investigation for offenses including Massachusetts Gun Crimes; and notably Robert C. Kenney, was allegedly involved in the sale of several illegal guns in areas of Boston and the North Shore.

All three men were arrested in Saugus in Kenney’s truck when they pulled into a parking lot on Route 99 to allegedly plan out the Home Invasion and Armed Robbery. In the vehicle, the men allegedly had knives, a ski mask, duct tape and purported false identifications to pose as federal immigration officials.

The Beverly men were scheduled to be arraigned Friday afternoon in Lynn District Court on Conspiracy Charges, as well as Unlawful Possession of Burglarious Tools.

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