Boston Bank Robber Arrested

Christopher A. Higgins was arrested shortly after allegedly robbing Hyde Park Savings Bank in West Roxbury Wednesday morning with the ‘getaway driver’ being a friend who had no idea he had just robbed the bank.

The Boston Police Department reports that Higgins asked his friend to drive him to Hyde Park Saving Bank so he could cash a check. Once at the West Roxbury Branch on Centre Street, Higgins exited the bank in a rush and told the friend to quickly drive away because he had just been involved in a fight inside the bank.

Boston Police report that Higgins was driven to Shaw’s in Dorchester, and after being dropped off, the unwitting friend was stopped by police. After being questioned by police, the friend provided a Dorchester address for Higgins.

A short time thereafter, Boston Police Officers saw a cab pull up to the Higgins’ Dorchester home, and saw Higgins get out of the car holding a blue sweatshirt bank witnesses reported the suspect wearing in the robbery. As officers approached, Higgins attempted to run away but was soon apprehended.

Christopher Higgins will likely be charged with Unarmed Robbery, which is a crime punishable with life imprisonment in Massachusetts.

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