Boston Man Arraigned for Murder of Ex-Girlfriend

Junior Fernandes, 22, of Boston’s Dorchester section, was arraigned on Monday on Massachusetts Murder Charges and Gun Charges following the shooting death of his girlfriend, Alessa Castellon, last Sunday night.

Fernandes has been charged with First Degree Murder, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Unlawful Possession of a Loaded Firearm.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Junior Fernandes allegedly shot Alessa Castellon early Monday morning after the two got into an argument outside his sister’s apartment on Granger Street in Dorchester.

Following his arrest by Boston Police, Fernandes allegedly told police that he met with Alessa Castellon to talk about their relationship, when she began to assault him. According to police, Fernandes allegedly stated that he tried to walk away once Castellon began hitting and punching him, but he then pulled out a gun, fired a shot, and then ‘blacked out’ before driving away.

Following his Murder arraignment in the Dorchester Division of the Boston Municipal Court, Fernandes was held without bail.

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