Boston Man Charged with Sexual Assault on Woman in Cambridge Park

A Boston man was arrested by Cambridge Police earlier this week on Massachusetts Sex Crimes Charges in connection with an alleged sexual assault on a woman near the Cambridgeside Galleria in Cambridge.

Cambridge Police have arrested Elisee Myrthil, 27, of Hyde Park, and have charged him with Assault with Intent to Rape.

According to police, Myrthil allegedly approached the woman from behind at Canal Park in Cambridge. It is alleged that he pushed her to the ground and attempted to sexually assault her. Myrthil was allegedly identified following review of surveillance video that purportedly captured the incident.

The Massachusetts Sex Crime of Assault with Intent to Commit Rape is defined as an assault with the intent to then engage in sexual intercourse without the consent of the other person.

Assault to Rape is a felony in Massachusetts, which is punishable by commitment to state prison for any term of years, up to life imprisonment. Additionally, as with most Massachusetts Sex Crimes, a person convicted of this crime will likely also face other collateral consequences, including Sex Offender Registration; and could dal so be subject to Community Parole Supervision for life and/or may also be civilly committed as a “sexaully dangerous person.”

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