Boston Murder of Hyde Park Man Was Over Car Repair Dispute

In a follow-up to my blog posting yesterday concerning the murder of Charles Cantave in the Hyde Park section of Boston, new information was released suggesting that the incident arose from a car repair dispute.

From information released by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the criminal defendant, Mario Burns, and the victim, Charles Cantave, were involved in a small-claims court hearing over a repair bill. Cantave was the manager at Brockton Four Wheels where the defendant’s wife, Kenya Burns, had taken their Volvo to be serviced. In her civil complaint, Kenya Burns claimed she paid $2,196 to have her engine replaced, but was later told by a Volvo technician that the work was no good. Burns disputed the repair costs, and the matter ended up in small-claims court in Dorchester on March 29.

After the civil court hearing in Dorchester, prosecutors allege that Burns followed Cantave to his car and fatally shot him. A witness told police that he heard a gunshot and then saw a man leaving in a GMC truck. The witness provided the Boston Police with the license plate number, and the vehicle was soon stopped on Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester, with Burns driving.

Prosecutors further alleged that Burns has a “lengthy” criminal history, with arrests involving Gun/Firearms Crimes, as well as Drug Crimes.

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