Boston Police Arrest Dorchester Man in Connection with Mattapan Murders

Kimani Washington, 35, of Dorchester, Massachusetts, was arrested yesterday in connection with the Mattapan murders that took the lives of four people, one of which was a 2 year old boy. Although Washington was not charged with Murder, he was charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle.

As reported in the Boston Criminal Lawyer’s Blog on September 28th, Simba Martin, Levaughn Washum-Garrison, Eyanna Smith and her 2 year old son were all found naked and shot to death at 40 Woolson Street in Mattapan in what is believed to be a drug deal gone bad.

A 5th victim, Marcus Hurd, still remains hospitalized from gunshot wounds and is in critical condition. Boston Police have previously stated that he is not expected to survive. Prior to Hurd falling unconscious in his hospital bed, he reportedly told police that he had gone to buy marijuana and that someone had shot him and taken the car.

Meanwhile, Boston Police Officers obtained a Search Warrant and searched the home of Kimani Washington’s stepfather, Charles Collins, which is located less than 2 miles away from where the murders took place. Boston Police report that, as a result of their search, they recovered a gun they believe is linked to the Murders in Washington’s bedroom.

According to Collins, his step-son, Kimani Washington, did return to the house early Tuesday morning and went into his brother’s room, spoke to someone out on the balcony, and then left in a car. Collins reportedly has not seen or heard from Washington since that time.

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