Cambridge Teenager Arrested for Attempted Rape of Woman in Watertown

A Cambridge teenager was arrested on Massachusetts Sex Crimes Charges for allegedly attacking a woman in Watertown as she walked to her home after getting off the bus.

Watertown Police report that the woman, who had just gotten off the bus on Belmont Street, was attacked by a teen wearing a Halloween type ‘skull’ mask. The woman reported that the teen struck her in the head several times and demanded she give him whatever she had. The teenager then told the woman to take off her clothes.

Police reportedly identified the teenager, who is 16, from video surveillance footage from nearby business. Watertown Police also secured a search warrant for his home, in which they recovered the woman’s cell phone and credit cards.

The teenager was formally charged with Armed Robbery While Being Masked; Assault & Battery; Kidnapping; and Assault with Intent to Rape.

The Massachusetts Sex Crime of Assault with Intent to Commit Rape is the assault of another with the intent to engage in sexual intercourse without consent, and is punishable with imprisonment for life or for any term of years.

In addition to any potential prison sentence, a conviction for this sex crime would also subject the defendant to mandatory sex offender registration; require him to submit his DNA to the state’s DNA database; and could subject him to a term of community parole supervision for life.

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