Defendant Convicted for Raping 2 Boston Women 20 Years Ago

Michael Johnson, 41, formerly of Boston’s South End, was convicted today on 2 counts of Rape in Suffolk Superior Court against 2 women more than 20 years ago. The Suffolk County D.A.’s Office had charged Johnson with raping a 23 year old Boston woman in April 1990; and then another Boston woman in May 1990.

Johnson was convicted for the crime of Home Invasion in 2003. In that case, a sample of his DNA was obtained, which was then used to link him to the 1990 rapes of the two women.

Consequences of Rape and Sex Crimes Convictions:
As with many Sex Crimes, a conviction for Rape, or even the Attempt to Commit Rape, has extremely serious collateral consequences. First and foremost, a conviction for the crime of Rape in Massachusetts carries a potential penalty of up to life imprisonment.

Additionally, a Rape conviction in Massachusetts will trigger registration with the Sex Offender Registry Board, and the defendant may further be punished with a term of lifetime community parole supervision; be required to submit a DNA sample to the Massachusetts DNA Database; and may also serve as a predicate sexual offense for civil commitment as a ‘sexually dangerous person.’

What is the crime of Home Invasion?
Massachusetts laws have defined the crime of Home Invasion as the unlawful entering of the home of another while armed with a dangerous weapon, and the person uses or threatens to use force on any person in the home. The punishment for a conviction of the crime of Home Invasion is commitment for a term of not less than 20 years, and up to life in state prison.

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