Dorchester Man Arrested in Robbery of Boston Cab Company

Two men have now been charged with robbing at gunpoint over $21,000 from the Boston Cab Company Dispatch Center, which occurred on November 9, 2009. Marvin Smith, 54, of Dorchester, Massachusetts, is scheduled to be arraigned today in the Boston Municipal Court on charges that include Armed Robbery.

The other man, Gerald M. Hill, 47, had already been charged with Armed Robbery for his role in the Boston Cab Company Robbery. At the time of Hill’s arrest, he released from prison and on parole for Manslaughter in connection with the death of Leo Murphy, who was fatally stabbed in Boston’s South End in 1977.

While that Manslaughter case was pending, Hill was then also charged with Second Degree Murder. He was one of three men who participating in the 1978 shooting of Max Fishman, then 63. At the time, Hill was 16 years old and pled guilty to Second Degree Murder. For his role with respect to both killings, Hill was committed to state prison for 30 years.

For his role in the Boston Cab Company Armed Robbery, Hill is alleged to have ‘pistol-whipped’ the dispatcher and then forcing him into a backroom where other Boston Cab Company employees were counting money. Hill then allegedly fled in a taxi cab, which was stopped a short time later by a Boston Police Officer working a detail. At the time of his arrest, he was found with two guns and over $21,000 in cash.

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