Gang Sweep Nets 47 Arrests in Boston & New England

A 3-month long investigation involving 20 different law enforcement agencies came to fruition today when police announced that 47 purported gang members were arrested.

Leading the investigation was the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) which led all law enforcement agencies. Of the 47 persons arrested, 23 face deportation and 28 were reportedly reputed gang members belonging to various gangs, including the Bloods, Latin Kings, and MS-13.

Law enforcement officials made this announcement today as they proudly advertised that many of those apprehended had been involved in what they describe as “violent crimes”, specifically Attempted Murder and Assault to Commit Rape. Notably, despite their having been labeled as gang members, none of the men apprehended were characterized as convicted felons, or having actually been convicted of the crimes of Attempted Murder and Assault to Commit Rape.

These ‘sweeps’ as they’re often characterized, are becoming increasingly more common. Not only are law enforcement officials tending to engage in more sweeps to capture those known to have outstanding warrants, but I have seen an increase in the instances where ICE actively pursues persons for the purpose of initiating deportation proceedings.

Not too long ago, a non-U.S. Citizen almost never had to worry about being deported, even if convicted of a crime, unless he was held in custody. Immigration officials might often scan the custody list and issue detainers for those who were convicted of serious crimes. Recently, however, I have seen a dramatic increase in the instances where Immigration/ICE officials will actually appear at a person’s arraignment in court and issue an Order of Detention before the person even has a chance to post bail.

Those who are not United States citizens and who have been charged with a crime should be particularly careful and cautious as to how their criminal case is resolved. In order to protect your rights and avoid any possibility of deportation as a result of a criminal conviction, it is particularly important to have an attorney who knows the possible immigration and deportation consequences a criminal conviction might have.

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