Lynn Man Charged in Assault & Battery Attack on Boston MBTA Employee

Daniel Jourdet, 52, of Lynn, Massachusetts, was arraigned this past week for allegedly punching an MBTA inspector at the Copley Square Green Line Station in Boston on April 1.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office reports that Jourdet, who was intoxicated at the time, was harassing or intimidating other passengers on the Copley Square Station platform. After the inspect asked him to leave the station, Jourdet allegedly yelled racial slurs at him, and then punched him.

Another passenger who witnesses the incident, captured the incident on his cell phone video and posted it on YouTube, which led to the MBTA Transit Police identifying him as the perpetrator.

Daniel Jourdet was charged in the Boston Municipal Court with Assault & Battery, Civil Rights Violations, Disorderly Conduct, and Trespassing. Jourdet, who was held on $10,000 bail after his Arraignment, reported has criminal convictions in three other states, and open criminal cases in the East Boston Division of the Boston Municipal Court.

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