Massachusetts High School Student Brings Gun to School

A freshman student at Falmouth High School allegedly brought a gun to school this past week and has been charged with Massachusetts Gun Crimes Charges.

According to Falmouth High School representatives, the student, who is reportedly 15 years old, was allegedly bragging to other students that he had a gun. Falmouth Police were called to the school and found that the student did, indeed, have a gun on him, but it was not loaded.

According to police, the student took the gun from a relative, who is reportedly licensed to carry firearms. His license to carry has reportedly been suspended pending a further investigation.

The student was arraigned in Falmouth Juvenile Court and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. He was released on personal recognizance and ordered to abide by a curfew and to stay away from Falmouth High School.

The Massachusetts Gun Crime of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm is punishable by imprisonment for not less than 18 months and up to 2.5 years in the House of Corrections. Under Massachusetts law, a “firearm” is defined as a pistol, revolver or other weapon, loaded or unloaded, from which a shot or bullet can be discharged, and whose barrel is less than 16 inches.

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