Massachusetts Man Charged with Rape and Attempted Murder

A Massachusetts man was in court in Bourne this past week on Massachusetts Sex Crimes Charges, answering to allegations that he raped and attempted to murder a woman on Cape Cod.

James Pearson, 42, was arrested and charged with Rape and Attempted Murder.

According to the Bourne Police Department, Pearson and the unidentified woman were in an apartment and a neighbor reportedly heard an assault. The woman then reportedly ran to the neighbors apartment door and stated she had been thrown down and kicked in the head several times.

Bourne Police officers allege that James Pearson ran away and initiated a chase through the woods and along the Cape Cod Canal. At his arraignment on these charges, Pearson denied that he ever raped, let alone assaulted, the woman and that it was only an argument.

The Massachusetts Sex Crime of Rape is punishable in state prison for a term of up 20 years. A conviction for rape, however, also subjects the offender to Sex Offender Registration and possibly civil commitment as a ‘sexually dangerous person’.

Following his arraignment in Bourne District Court on these sex crimes charges, Pearson was held without bail.

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