Massachusetts State Trooper Arrested for Soliciting Prostitute

A Massachusetts State Police trooper was arraigned in Lynn District Court last week on Massachusetts Sex Crimes Charges for allegedly soliciting a prostitute in Lynn.

The trooper, who is reportedly a 27 year veteran with the Massachusetts State Police, was arraigned in Lynn District Court on charges including Sexual Conduct for a Fee, Failure to Stop for Police and Assault with a Dangerous Weapon.

According to the Lynn Police Department, the trooper was reportedly observed by Lynn Police who were conducted surveillance operations on prostitution in Lynn when they allegedly observed him and the woman inside his pickup truck.

The Essex County District Attorney’s Office alleges that, when officers approached the trooper’s truck, he put the truck in reverse and almost struck one of the officers.

The Massachusetts State Police Trooper, who was reportedly off-duty at the time of the alleged incident, has been suspended without pay indefinitely.

The Massachusetts Sex Crime of Sexual Conduct for a Fee involves the act of engaging or offering to engage in sexual conduct for a fee, and is punishable by imprisonment to the House of Corrections for up to 1 year.

By definition, ‘sexual conduct’ in Massachusetts may include intercourse, oral sex or any intrusion for someone’s body into the genital or anal area of another person’s body.

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