Massachusetts Woman Sought for Kidnapping Baby Arrested in Pennsylvania

Kimberly Johnson, 38, had been sought by Massachusetts State Police since last Thursday when she allegedly kidnapped a thirteen month-old baby from a gas station in Swansea, Massachusetts. After a multi-state search, she was arrested last evening in a Pennsylvania women’s shelter where she had used a stolen ID and alias.

The Massachusetts State Police and the D.A.’s Office is working with Pennsylvania law enforcement authorities to arrange her rendition to Massachusetts, where she will likely be criminally charged with Kidnapping.

In Massachusetts, the charge of Kidnapping is an extremely serious criminal offense, a life felony which is punishable in state prison for any term of years up to life. Massachusetts General Laws defines Kidnapping in Chapter 265, Section 26, as the forcible or secret confinement of another person with intent to cause him to be secretly imprisoned against his will in this Commonwealth, or cause him to be sent out of this Commonwealth against his will.

In the event Kimberly Johnson contests interstate rendition to Massachusetts, it is likely that she will be given a hearing in a Pennsylvania court. The interstate rendition process could take several weeks to more than a month if contested. When not contested, the interstate rendition process and return of the suspect to Massachusetts is fairly quick.

Read more on this story as reported by the Associated Press in the Boston Herald.

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