Methuen Man Arrested for 14th DUI / Drunk Driving Offense in Lawrence

Albert Lanzo, Jr., 50, of Methuen, was arrested for his 14th Massachusetts DUI Offense in Lawrence this past weekend. Lanzo was specifically arraigned on Drunk Driving Charges including Operating Under the Inlfuence of Alcohol, 5th or Subsequent Offense; Driving with a Suspended License; and Leaving the Scene of Property Damage.

According to the Lawrence Police Department, Lanzo allegedly drove over a mailbox and left the scene. After police responded to investigate, Lanzo’s truck was located less than a mile away, with Lanzo slumped over the steering wheel.

Although Lawrence Police “detected a strong odor of alcohol”, it is unclear whether Lanzo was asked to perform any Field Sobriety Tests and/or to submit to a Breathalyzer Test.

Following his arraignment, Lanzo remained held without bail pending an upcoming Dangerousness Hearing to determine if bail will be imposed, or if he will continue to be held without bail and deemed too dangerous to be released back into the community.

OUI / DUI / Drunk Driving Charges:
Massachusetts Drunk Driving Crimes are prosecuted vigorously by all District Attorney’s Offices and the consequences one may face for a DUI/OUI conviction can be severe, particularly if it is a subsequent offense.

Even if one can avoid jail time after being convicted with a DUI/OUI, the financial and other penalties involved in a drunk driving conviction can be severe. Total statutorily imposed fines/fees can reach into thousands of dollars; and the person can be placed on probation and ordered to undergo counseling; drug/alcohol treatment; community service; as well as face a suspension of his driver’s license.

Boston DUI Lawyer Lefteris K. Travayiakis has experience in representing persons charged with Massachusetts Drunk Driving Crimes, and is available 24/7 to consult with you on your legal rights, including whether to submit to Field Sobriety Tests and/or a Breathalyzer Test.

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