Natick’s Louis Vuitton Store Robbed of $30,000 of Merchandise

This past Tuesday, three men were caught trying to remove $30,000 worth of merchandise from Natick’s Louis Vuitton collection while one of the men ordered an employee to remove the cash from the register.

Natick Police repsonded and arrested Duane White, 44, of Boston. The other two men, however, were able to get away and remain at large to date. According to Natick Police, most of the stolen merchandise, which consisted mostly of purses, were left by the three suspects once officers responded. The cash taken, however, was not recovered.

Duane White is to be charged with Unarmed Robbery.

Unarmed Robbery is the crime where one, not being armed with a dangerous weapon, by force and violence, robs, steals or takes from the person of another money or other property. Massachusetts punishes the crime of Unarmed Robbery with imprisonment for any term of years up to life.

In order to prove the crime of Unarmed Robbery, the prosecutor must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt:

  1. The defendant either applied actual force and violence to the victim or put him or her in fear by using threatening words or gestures;
  2. The defendant took the money or other property with the intent to steal it; and
  3. The defendant took the money or other property from the immediate control of the victim.

The actual force and violence, or assault and putting the victim in fear must be the essence of the defendant obtaining possession of the property. This is distinguished from the crime of Armed Robbery, where a dangerous weapon, such as a gun or a knife, was used to obtain the property.

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