Newton School Teacher Charged with Child Porn

A Newton Public School Teacher was arraigned yesterday in Brighton District Court on Massachusetts Sex Crimes Charges. He was arraigned on two charges of Unlawful Possession of Child Pornography.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the Newton second-grade teacher allegedly had hundred of images on his computer that they say constitute child pornography; and also allegedly discovered videos of the teacher allegedly assault a young teenage girl.

The teacher, who was reportedly very well respected by his peers and the Newton Public School system, was arrested at his home in Brighton after the Massachusetts State Police executed a search warrant.

Following his arraignment in Brighton District Court, the teacher was held on $10,000, but was also detained without bail as a result of an outstanding warrant in West Roxbury District Court on what is believed to be additional Sex Crimes Charges.

Unlawful Possession of Child Pornography in Massachusetts is defined as the possession of a photograph or visual reproduction of any child whom the person knows or reasonably should know to be under the age of 18, and the child is engaged in sexual intercourse or otherwise depicted in an act or pose of a sexual nature.

A person convicted for the Sex Crime of Possession of Child Pornography may face up to 5 years in state prison and will also render him/her subject to the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Laws.

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