Passenger Entering Logan Arrested for Drug Trafficking After Cocaine Found in Wheelchair

A man entering attempting to enter the country through Boston’s Logan Airport was arrested for Massachusetts Drug Crimes Charges after 4 kilo’s of cocaine were found in his wheelchair.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the passenger had a cast on his leg and was in a wheelchair, but airport security suspected he did not need the wheelchair for any medical reason. Security x-rayed the wheelchair and also drilled a hole in one of the chair’s tire, revealing approximately 4 kilograms of cocaine hidden in the tires and frame of the wheelchair.

Prosecutors also reported that the man was taken to Whidden Memorial Hospital and his leg with the cast was x-rayed. Doctors then told police that the man allegedly did not need a cast.

Drug Trafficking of 200 grams in Massachusetts or more of Cocaine is punishable with commitment to state prison for a term of not less than 15 years and up to 20 years.

The defendant, Emmanuelli Rojas-Moraza, of Puerto Rico, was arraigned last Friday in East Boston District Court and was held on $45,000 bail.

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