Roslindale Man Held Without Bail in Jamaica Plain Tedeschi’s Murder

On March 3, 2010, Edward Corliss, 64 of Roslindale, was arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court and held without bail, charged with Armed Robbery While Masked, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and the murder of Surendra Dangol while he was working at Tedeschi’s in Jamaica Plain on December 26.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office alleges that Edward Corliss entered the Tedeschi’s at about 3:00 p.m., concealing his appearance with heavy clothing, a scarf and a wig. Store video surveillance captures Corliss allegedly pulling out a gun and pointing it at Dangol and ordering him to place the store’s cash into Corliss’ backpack. Dangol is then shown with his arms up, at which time Corliss pointed the gun at his chest and shot him.

Boston Police Investigators had also obtained video footage of the suspected vehicle Corliss got away in. After consulting with auto experts, a database search of the make and model of the vehicle was narrowed, leading police to Corliss’ home. The Plymouth Acclaim, registered to Corliss’ wife, was found in the back of the residence.

Notably, Edward Corliss is reported to have an extensive criminal record, including a conviction for the 1971 murder of another convenience store clerk. At the time of Dangol’s murder, Corliss had recently been released on parole for that 1971 incident.

Criminal Defense Attorney Lefteris K. Travayiakis’ Thoughts:

Even with the video surveillance footage, identification is clearly going to be a defense issue at the criminal trial for Dangol’s murder. From the video, Corliss cannot be easily identified as the person who entered the store, nor can he be identified as the person who is driving the Plymouth Acclaim and leaving the scene.

Without question, the fact that his wife’s car is linked to this murder is an issue the criminal defense lawyer will have to deal with, but I would imagine that the prosecutor in this case either has or hopes to have a stronger connection of evidence linking Corliss to this alleged crime by the time this case goes to trial.

At this stage, I suspect the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office has requested the Boston Police Department to inspect the gun, the backpack, and the car for any forensic evidence. Although for fingerprints to be found on a gun are difficult, the police forensic investigators nonetheless still try to lift any prints for comparisons. The Boston Police will also likely have any evidence inspected for any blood spatter evidence, or even DNA evidence that might provide any additional links to Corliss.

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