Waltham Man Arrested for Drug Trafficking in Boston

Jesse Bumbaca of Waltham, and Marino Spirakis of Peabody, were arrested last evening for allegedly engaging in a drug transaction involving almost 1,000 oxycodone pills.

The Boston Police Department reports that Drug Officers were investigation a Kingston Street, Boston, address where Bumbaca was allegedly running a drug business. Sometime around 7:00 p.m. last evening, officers report they observed Spirakis park at that address and Bumbaca came out and handed him a black box. There was no indication that the Boston Police Officers could see what was in that black box, nor was there any elaboration as to why they believed that Bumbaca handing Spirakis that black box constituted a drug transaction.

After both men left the area in separate cars, Boston and Massachusetts State Police Officers stopped Bumbaca’s car at the Regatta Hotel in Cambridge. Police Officers seized a backpack containing 950 oxycodone pills, and $8,000. In the meantime, other Boston and Massachusetts State Police Officers stopped Spirakis’ car, seizing the black box which was found to contain $52,000.

Bumbaca was charged with Trafficking a Class B Controlled Substance over 100 grams and Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws; and Spirakis was charged with Possession of a Class E Substance and Conspiracy to Violate the Drugs Laws. Both men are expected to be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court this morning.

It is not known what information, if any, Boston Police Officers had regarding Spirakis. It doesn’t appear to me, however, that there is a strong case for the government, at least as it pertains to Spirakis. Several issues give me many red flags, including issues of Search & Seizure, specifically, whether the Boston Police had ‘reasonable suspicion’ to stop his car. Without more, what has been reported does not appear to amount to ‘specific and articulable facts’ to justify a search and seizure of Spirakis’ vehicle.

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