Witness in Boston Murder Trial Changes Testimony Again

The two men charged with First Degree Murder for the killing of 18-year old Cedirick Steele are once again on trial, for the third time. The first two trials against Antwon Carter and Daniel Pickney, Jr., resulted in mistrials: the first one resulted in a deadlocked jury; and the second was declared a mistrial largely in part because of the prosecutor’s key witness, LaToya Thomas Dickson, recanted her testimony.

During the second trial of Carter and Pickney, LaToya Dickson testified that she was with the two defendants when they allegedly murdered Cedirick Steele, 18, from Roxbury, Massachusetts. During cross-examination later on in that trial, Dickson recanted that testimony and told those same jurors she wasn’t with them.

According to the Boston Police Department and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Carter and Pickney allegedly drove to the Highland Street section of Roxbury with the purpose of retaliating a non-fatal shooting of an alleged gang member. The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, however, maintains that Steele was simply an innocent bystander and not associated with any gangs.

In now the third murder trial and attempt to prosecute Antwon Carter and Daniel Pickney, Jr., Dickson took the witness stand today and testified that she was with the two defendants during the murder. According to Dickson, Pickney parked his car on Norfolk Street and Carter got out of the car. Soon after, gunshots were heard and Carter then returned to the car and tapped Dickson on the arm with a silver firearm, which she said was still hot. Pickney, who was dating Dickson at the time, asked her to take the gun allegedly used in the murder to her mother’s house, but she said no.

Notably, after her recantation during the second murder trial, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office charged Dickson with Perjury. Earlier this month, Dickson pled Guilty to that Perjury charge and the case is now pending for sentencing.

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