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Two men from Dorchester – Boston were arrested for Massachusetts Theft Crimes Charges last week for allegedly stealing from two stores at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, Massachusetts.

Johnny Hippolite, 30, and Gerald Blain, 35, were with arrested and charged with Shoplifting and Receiving Stolen Property Over $250.

According to the Braintree Police, one was allegedly observed stealing two bottles of cologne while the other man served as a lookout. Police also allegedly recovered over $400 of stolen merchandise from Macy’s.

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A man entering attempting to enter the country through Boston’s Logan Airport was arrested for Massachusetts Drug Crimes Charges after 4 kilo’s of cocaine were found in his wheelchair.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the passenger had a cast on his leg and was in a wheelchair, but airport security suspected he did not need the wheelchair for any medical reason. Security x-rayed the wheelchair and also drilled a hole in one of the chair’s tire, revealing approximately 4 kilograms of cocaine hidden in the tires and frame of the wheelchair.

Prosecutors also reported that the man was taken to Whidden Memorial Hospital and his leg with the cast was x-rayed. Doctors then told police that the man allegedly did not need a cast.

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In a recent case, the Supreme Judicial Court upheld the dismissal of a juvenile defendant’s Murder dismissal, but also establishing new parameters in murder cases involving juvenile defendants who are to be tried as adults.

In the case of Commonwealth v. Javon Walczak, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court considered whether the trial court properly dismissed an indictment against the juvenile defendant who was charged with Second Degree Murder. The prosecution had presented evidence that the defendant, who was 16 at the time, stabbed the victim (Rene Valdez) when the victim and an accomplice tried to rob him.

Following the defendant’s arraignment in the Superior Court, a judge dismissed the indictment because the Commonwealth failed to present sufficient evidence to the grand jury establishing the offense of second degree murder.

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Boston Police arrested a Dorchester man earlier this week for Massachusetts Sex Crimes Charges.

The defendant, who was arraigned in the Dorchester Division of the Boston Municipal Court, was arraigned on sex crimes charges including Human Trafficking for Sexual Servitude and Deriving Support from a Prostitute.

According to the Boston Police Department and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, police stopped a car for routine civil motor vehicle infractions. A woman passenger in the car who appeared to police to be nervous, was questioned and told police that she had been subjected to prostitution by the defendant. According to the woman, she was forced to buy clothes and take photographs that were posted on various websites advertising escort services.

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A 49 year old Wakefield man was arrested earlier this month on 100 counts of Massachusetts Sex Crimes Charges for allegedly raping and sexually abusing 13 children ranging in age from 8 days to 3.5 years old.

The defendant, identified as John Burbine, was charged with several sex offenses including Aggravated Rape of a Child, Indecent Assault & Battery on a Child, Unlawful Possession of Child Pornography; and Dissemination of Obscene Material.

According to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office, the defendant had access to the child victims through the Waterfall Education Center, a child care center that was reportedly run by his wife, Marian Burbine. Middlesex County prosecutors have alleged that the defendant helped his wife at the daycare used that position to sexually abuse the children at the daycare center, which was allegedly not licensed.

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A Lowell man was charged last week with several counts of Massachusetts Violent Crimes Charges for allegedly beating and causing serious injuries to his girlfriend’s 2 year old daughter.

The defendant, Bunthang Ponn, of Lowell, was arraigned in Lowell District Court last Friday and charged with several counts of Aggravated Assault & Battery on a Child with Serious Injury and Intimidation of a Witness.

According to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office, the defendant allegedly assaulted his girlfriend’s 2 year old daughter, breaking her back and ribs. At his arraignment, prosecutors represented that the child may also have suffered irreparable brain damage from a massive stroke.

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The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court last week ruled that police officers are not required to obtain a search warrant before they can search an arrestee’s cell phone call list following an arrest.

In the case of Commonwealth v. Demetrius A. Phifer, the state’s highest court rules that a search of a drug dealer’s cell phone call list was not a constitutional violation because it was a limited search and they had probable cause to believe the recent call list would reveal evidence relating to the crime for which he was arrested.

The defendant in this case was arrested after Boston Police allegedly saw him get into a car with a known drug use and engage in actions they believed was a drug transaction. After the police pulled his car over, they got his cell number and checked it against the cellphone they had seized from the buyer and determined the number was in the other’s call list.

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A Cape Cod man was recently arrested and charged with several Massachusetts Sex Crimes Charges for allegedly sexually assault a 9 year old girl.

The defendant, a chiropractor from Hyannis, Massachusetts, was arraigned in Barnstable District Court this past Monday on sex crimes charges including Rape of a Child and Indecent Assault & Battery on a Child Under 14.

According to county prosecutors, the defendant, 58 years old, alleged assaulted the 9 year old at a home in Yarmouth in November. It is alleged that the man’s girlfriend was watching the child but was in another room at the time.

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Boston Police arrested a Boston man suspected of sexual assaulting and robbing a woman in her Beacon Hill apartment earlier this month and charged him with several Massachusetts Crimes of Violence.

The defendant, Anthony Williams, was arraigned yesterday in the Boston Municipal Court on criminal charges including Rape.

According to the Boston Police Department and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, the defendant broke into a woman’s Beacon Hill apartment in the early morning hours of November 10. The man allegedly robbed the woman and sexually assaulted her.

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Boston Police Drug Control Unit Officers arrested a man from Quincy and another from West Roxbury last week on Massachusetts Drug Crimes Charges.

Both men where arrested for Unlawful Possession of a Class A Substance, Heroin.

According to the Boston Police Department, officers were conducting undercover surveillance in the area of CVS in Roslindale, which they allege is a high drug transaction area. The officers reportedly recognized the Quincy man and followed him to West Roxbury, where he allegedly met another man.