Boston 1st Grader Investigated for Sexual Assault???

thumbnail.aspx.jpegA Boston Public Schools spokesperson confirmed to reporters that a Boston elementary school 1st grader is being investigated for an alleged sexual assault, apparently because the boy punched another boy in the groin.

Really? …you’ve got to be kidding me!

According to the child’s mother, the other boy allegedly choked her son, and her son then in self-defense, then punched the boy in the groin. The mother of the child is apparently very concerned over the ‘investigation’, and countered that if that is the case, then the other boy should then also be investigated for Attempted Murder for choking her son.

It seems unbelievable that Boston Public School officials and/or the police are actually serious about possibly disciplining the child for the incident. What would be even more unbelievable is if school officials even go one step further and consider charging the child with a sexual assault.

One may wonder, what type of sexual assault charges might they be considering levying against the child? Perhaps Indecent Assault & Battery on a Child Under 14, a crime which could carry potential Registration as a Sex Offender?

I think most people would agree that, sometimes, kids will be kids, and school officials should be more concerned with trying to teach them right from wrong, instead of being so quick with subjecting children so young to school disciplinary, let alone criminal, liability.

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