Occupy Boston Protester Arrested for Assault and Armed Robbery Charges

One of the Occupy Boston protesters was before a Boston Municipal Court Judge on Friday facing Massachusetts Crimes of Violence Charges.

Gary Williams, 24, of Quincy, was arrested on Thursday night when activists of Occupy Boston allegedly surrounded a Boston Police wagon and refused to let it move. The incident reportedly occurred when police officers confiscated a kitchen sink that protesters were trying to bring to the Dewey Square location where protesters have been camping out for months.

Williams was arrested and charged with Assault & Battery on a Police Officer.

At his arraignment in Boston Municipal Court, Suffolk County prosecutors also revealed that Gary Williams also had a pending criminal case out of Framingham District Court that charges him with Armed Robbery.

In that Framingham case, Middlesex County prosecutors allege that Williams robbed a man of $250 when that man tried to meet a woman at a hotel for sex. Krystal Cannizaro, of Quincy and Howard A. John, of Somerville, were also arrested and charged with Massachusetts Sex Crimes.

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