Boston Man Arrested for Murder of Elderly Neighbor

Adam J. Cassino, 25, of South Boston, was arrested on Murder Charges by Boston Police today and charged in connection with the beating death of his 65 year old neighbor, Barbara Tagen.

Cassino was arraigned today in South Boston District Court and charged with First Degree Murder.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Adam J. Cassino beat his neighbor in her apartment this past August, and that forensic evidence, including witnesses, allegedly link him to the murder.

Although the motive for the Murder is unclear, prosecutors allege that Tagen had accused Cassino of stealing from her in the past, and that this incident may have also been a robbery that preceded the beating death.

Boston Police also reported searched Cassino’s home and allegedly seized an unidentified object that they believe contains forensic evidence, suggest it may have been the weapon used to beat Tagen.

Following his arraignment in South Boston District Court on First Degree Murder Charges, Cassino was held without bail.

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