Boston Man Arraigned in Murder of Rockland Mother

Orlando Kavanaugh, 28 from Boston, was arraigned in Brockton’s Plymouth County Superior Court on several Massachusetts Crimes of Violence Charges and Gun Crimes in connection with the death of Tina Gonsalves.

Kavanaugh has been charged with First Degree Murder; Armed Home Invasion; Armed Assault to Murder; Assault with a Dangerous Weapon; Unlawful Possession of a Firearm; and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.

According to the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office, Orlando Kavanaugh allegedly broke into Tina Gonsalves’ Rockland apartment by breaking a window and then unlocking the back door. At some point during the unlawful entry, Gonsalves reportedly confronted and struggled with Kavanaugh, during which the handgun Kavanaugh allegedly was carrying went off, striking Gonsalves in the stomach. She later died of her wound at a Weymouth Hospital.

Afterwards, prosecutors allege that Kavanaugh ran to a waiting car outside, but not before he was also shot in the shoulder by Gonsalves’ son, who had his own firearm.

Police reportedly recovered Kavanaugh’s hooded sweatshirt from the scene, and also obtained video surveillance footage from a Brockton Hospital where he was dropped off to be treated for his own gunshot wound. The video footage reportedly also captured the alleged ‘getaway vehicle’, though it’s not clear if anyone else has been charged or even arrested in connection with this incident.

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