Boston Man Attacks Woman, Sets Fire to Apartment and Jumps to His Death

When Boston Police and firefighters first responded to Gavin Way yesterday for an unknown medical call, they didn’t know what to expect. They quickly discovered that a second-floor apartment was on fire and a man had jumped from the second floor…and that a woman was inside the burning apartment, suffering from multiple stab wounds.

Boston Police report that the man, in an effort of Attempted Murder and Mayhem, set fire to the apartment also stabbed the woman. It’s unclear at this time whether the woman, whose name was withheld, was his girlfriend or wife. As police responded to the area, the man had barricaded himself inside, preventing any police or medical personnel from entering. As the police were trying to use hostage negotiators to communicate with him, he responded by throwing debris from the balcony to the police below.

Suddenly, without provocation or warning, the man jumped from the second-floor balcony to his death. The woman, who had two young children with her during the incident, was listed as in critical condition.

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