Clark Rockefeller’s Appeal for Reduced Sentence Dismissed

Clark Rockefeller, the man who kidnapped his young daughter, appeared in Suffolk Superior Court this morning and asked a 3-judge appellate panel to reduce his 4-5 year state prison sentence for parental Kidnapping.

Rockefeller argued that his sentence was beyond the ‘sentencing guidelines’, but the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office justified the sentence on the grounds that his extraordinary actions under the circumstances justified the sentence. The appellate panel agreed and ultimately dismissed Rockefeller’s request for a reduced sentence.

When the media frenzy over the Rockefeller case came to light, so did his numerous alias, which eventually linked him to an unsolved 1985 Murder in California where he lived at the time. California authorities have not yet publicly confirmed whether or not they will seek to indict Rockefeller for the murder.

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