Bourne Man Arrested for 1980 Murder of His Wife

A Barnstable County Grand Jury has indicted Edmond Carriere, 75, for the Murder of his late wife. Frances Carriere, 44 at the time, was found murdered in 1980 at the couple’s home, the same home where Edmond Carriere was recently arrested and charged in connection with the murder.

The Massachusetts State Police reported that Edmond Carriere had always been a suspect in his wife’s murder, but charges were never filed, apparently due to lack of evidence. The State Police re-opened the investigation as a cold case in 1999, but there are no details as to what information led to charges now being filed, 30 years later.

Notably, in 2003, a Barnstable County Grand Jury indicted Richard Grebauski of Wareharm, and Steven Stewart of Brockton, for the Murder of Frances Carriere. The Barnstable County District Attorney’s Office alleged in Stewart’s murder trial that Edmond Carriere paid Grebauski $10,000 to murder his wife, and that Grebauski then asked Stewart to carry out the murder. Steven Stewart was convicted in 2005 of Murder, but his conviction was then overturned by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. He is scheduled to be retried on the Murder charge next week in Barnstable Superior Court.

Richard Grebauski, however, never went to trial for the murder. He passed away from injuries in a motorcycle accident while curiously visiting Carriere in Florida in 2004.

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