Roxbury Man Arrested for Robbing Mission Hill Church

The Boston Police Department reports that Timothy Carlson, 50, of Roxbury, Massachusetts, was arrested last night for breaking into and robbing the Mission Church in Roxbury.

Officers responded to the area of 1547 Tremont Street at 10:43 p.m. last evening on another call saw Carlson holding a white bag. When they attempted to speak to him, Carlson allegedly ran and jumped over a barricaded construction site. As Boston Police Officers pursued into the construction site, they observed numerous discarded dollar bills.

Ultimately, Carlson was found hiding behind an electrical box, where he began shouting expletives and allegedly resisted arrest. A search of the area revealed numerous dollar bills where Carlson allegedly jumped the wall and a white cloth filled with prayer slips.

From the Boston Police Department’s news release, it is clear that there was no report of a break-in at the Mission Church, and that officers attempted to initially stop him only because he appeared to them as ‘suspicious.’ Clearly then, Carlson has some very strong Search & Seizure issues to litigate in his defense in this case, i.e., whether the Boston Police Officers had reasonable suspicion to order him to stop and probable cause to arrest him. No matter whether an officers hunch turns out to ultimately be right, an arrest without justification of probable cause is invalid and any evidence seized as a result of such a Constitutional violation may be suppressed.

Carlson was arrested and charged with Breaking & Entering in the Nighttime; Larceny Over $250; Possession of Burglarious Tools; Assault & Battery on a Police Officer; Resisting Arrest; Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, and Common and Notorious Thief.

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