Braintree Boy Scout Leader Charged With Sexual Assault and Attempted Rape of Boy

Michael Cimmino, 54, of Braintree, was initially charged with Massachusetts Sex Crimes in Quincy District Court for alleged inappropriate sexual conduct towards a child under 14. At his arraignment in Quincy on January 3, Cimmino entered a plea of not guilty to sex crimes charges including Kidnapping; Assault with Intent to Rape; and eight counts of Indecent Assault & Battery on a Child Under 14.

This past week, however, Cimmino was charged with additional Sex Crimes after a second alleged victim came forward claiming inappropriate sexual conduct. He was again arraigned in Quincy District Court on sex crimes charges including Indecent Assault & Battery on a Person Under 14 and Open & Gross Lewdness.

According to the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office, Cimmino is alleged to have touched the child inappropriately when the child was at Cimmino’s house for a New Year’s sleepover. The ‘inappropriate touching’ as alleged by the prosecutor, consists of Cimmino allegedly rubbing the head and shoulders of the child…

Although technically rubbing the head and shoulders of someone might rise to the level of an inappropriate touching and lead to charges of Indecent Assault & Battery, I’m unclear as to where the allegations of Kidnapping and Assault with Intent to Rape come from as no information relative to these charges has yet been made public…

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