Waltham Man Attacks Dad with Ax – Charged with Attempted Murder

Tracy Hough, 42, of Waltham, was arraigned in Waltham District Court on Massachusetts Crimes of Violence Charges including Attempted Murder, Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, and Mayhem.

This past Wednesday, Hough allegedly attacked his father with an ax, almost severing his hand, in what prosecutors described as an argument over a snow-blower. Hough, who lives in the basement of his parents’ home, left the scene after his mother went downstairs to discovery Ralph Hough, the father, bleeding from two apparent ax wounds to his back and one to his hand.

Notably, when the Waltham Police were dispatched regarding the crime, Hough was described as “possibly bipolar”. It’s unclear at this time what Hough’s mental health history is at this time, and whether a Defense of Criminal Responsibility might be viable in this case.

Following his arraignment, Hough was held pending a Dangerousness Hearing, and Emergency Restraining Orders were issued against him ordering him to stay away from his parents and the home.

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