Brockton Man Arrested on Massachusetts Drug and Gun Crimes Charges

James Widener, 35, of Brockton, was arrested this past week for allegedly violating Massachusetts Gun Laws and Drug Crimes. Being investigated by local, state and federal law enforcement, he was charged with several crimes, including:

Widener has also been charged as an Armed Career Criminal, which is a sentencing enhancement for those previously convicted of gun crimes.

According to Massachusetts police, Widener was under investigation for various crimes he allegedly committed over the past several months in Plymouth, Norfolk and Bristol Counties. Widener also was reported to have had outstanding Arrest Warrants for other alleged crimes in Quincy and Boston.

Widener was arrested along with Briana Tobin, 21, also of Brockton, while the two were traveling in a car in Kingston Thursday morning. After the car was stopped, police allegedly recovered a loaded handgun, a 12-round magazine, heroin and cocaine.

Following his arraignment in Brockton District Court, Widener was held on $50,000 cash bail, but was held for 60 days without bail after the judge revoked his bail out of the Quincy District Court.

Meanwhile, Briana Tobin was also charged with Possession of a Class B Substance; Unlawful Possession of a Firearm; Possession of a Large Capacity Firearm and Feeding Device; and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition. Following her arraignment, she was held on $2,500 cash bail and sent to a substance abuse treatment center.

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