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zapata.jpgTwo teenage girls, both from Dorchester, were arrested after breaking into a Framingham apartment this past Sunday. Luz Zapata, 18, along with a 14 year old juvenile girl, both allegedly admitted breaking into the Framingham apartment.

Both girls were discovered to have broken into the apartment when one of the residents arrived. Zapata was allegedly found to be in the apartment, while the other girl was apparently acting as a lookout. When confronted, the two girls got into a taxi and left.

The resident then then followed the taxi while calling the Framingham Police Department, and the police arrested the girls as they were found sitting in the taxi at a train station. Both girl initially denied stealing anything, but a later search revealed an iPod and charger that was reported missing from the apartment.

Boston Police Officers responded to a report of “an Armed Robbery in progress” at 10:30 p.m. Thursday evening. Once on scene, police officers met with the victim who reported that six or seven men had tried to rob him of his bike. Once the group of young men surrounded him, the youngest of them, a 13 year old, allegedly demanded the bike and his wallet, while another boy pointed what was alleged to be a gun.

As the Boston Police Officers were speaking to the victim, the 13 year old old allegedly rode another bike near the area, where he was identified as one of the suspects. Although he gave several false names to police officers, his identity was eventually determined and it was also discovered that he several outstanding arrest warrants.

It is not clear whether any gun or weapons were recovered.

A Belmont, Massachusetts, teenager was arrested last week in connection with the robbery of his classmate’s cell phone at a playground on April 16, 2010. The boy’s name has not been released due to his age.

The girl told the Belmont Police Department that she ran into the male classmate at the Grove Street Playground, and that he asked to borrow a cell phone. The girl gave him the cell phone, but when she wanted it back, the suspect allegedly took out a pocketknife and threatened her.

After a description of the male suspect was broadcast by the Belmont Police Department, officers from the Cambridge and Watertown Police Departments stopped him and arrested him. A ‘bring-back’ identification procedure was done, and the girl purportedly identified him as the person who robbed her of the iPhone.

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