Convicted Feline Felon Arrested in East Boston on Drug Trafficking Charges

If you don’t remember the name Luigi Epifania, it’s because he was known around Boston as the “Cat Killer”. In 2008, Epifania was found guilty of strangling and stomping a cat to death, putting it in a bag, lighting it on fire and then throwing it into an apartment building. At the time when that case arose, he was awaiting trial on Attempted Murder charges for stabbing a man and then beating him with a frying pan during a drug deal gone bad.

Now, Epifania was again arrested by Boston Police in East Boston for Trafficking OxyContin. The Boston Police Department reports that he was spotted by drug offices in East Boston, who followed him and observed him engage in a drug transaction.

At the time of this most recent arrest, Epifania was on probation for his previous 2008 criminal cases. At that time, he had been sentenced to 2.5 years in jail for the Cruelty to Animal charge; and 5 years’ probation for the attempted murder charge. Epifania could also be charged with Violation of Probation as a result of this newest criminal charge.

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Read more about the East Boston Cat Killer, as reported by O’Ryan Johnson, Boston Herald.

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