FBI Investigating Bank Robberies in Boston Area Suburbs

539w.jpgIn the latest in a string of Bank Robberies over the past several days, the Boston’s FBI Office has taken the lead in the investigation. In the latest bank robbery, which occurred this past Tuesday in Rockland, a man in his early twenties robbed the South Coastal Bank and displayed an explosive-looking device taped to his chest.

According to the Rockland Police Department, the suspect threatened to “blow something up” if he wasn’t given the money. It’s unclear whether the device was actually explosives, but the man did manage to escape with an undisclosed amount of cash. Boston’s FBI Office believes that this Rockland bank robbery may be related to the Sovereign Bank robbery in Norwell.

Though the Boston FBI is not yet saying that these bank robberies are all related, they are also investigating several other bank robberies that occurred in Stoughton, Hanover, and Milton.

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Identification evidence can come in a variety of forms, whether through independent witness testimony; the police conducting a ‘Show-Up Identification” or a “Photographic Identification”, or even one from complete circumstantial evidence. In these types of cases, challenges to identification is critical and it’s often this area where prosecutors have a difficult time at trial in proving to a jury, beyond a reasonable doubt, the identification of the defendant as the one responsible for the crime(s) charged.

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Read more about the latest Boston-area Bank Robberies, as reported by Travis Andersen, Boston Globe Staff.

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