Dorchester Man Arraigned for Boston Murder

Boston Police arrested Anthony Robertson of Dorchester last week for the Murder of Aaron Wornum. Robertson was arraigned yesterday in the Dorchester Division of the Boston Municipal Court for First Degree Murder and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office alleges that Anthony Robertson shot and killed Aaron Wornum as he was talking on his cell phone on June 26. Wornum was reportedly shot several times in the area of Sumner and East Cottage Streets in Dorchester that evening and died as a result after being taken to Boston Medical Center.

Boston Police and prosecutors have suggested that phone records subpoenaed during the course of the investigation led them to focus the investigation on Anthony Robertson, alleging that the phone records at the time of the shooting link Wornum to the incident.

At this time, however, it’s unclear whether the Boston Police Department has recovered the gun that was allegedly used in the murder and if so, where it was found and what evidence may exist to link that weapon to Anthony Robertson. It is also unclear whether the police or prosecutors know of any witnesses that put Anthony Robertson at the scene of the murder.

Following his arraignment in Dorchester District Court on Massachusetts Murder Charges, Anthony Robertson was held without bail.

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