Dorchester Man Arrested for Evading Fare at MBTA, Had 11 Outstanding Criminal Warrants

Kevin Grannum, 45, of Dorchester, Massachusetts, was arrested this past Tuesday by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority after “piggy backing” through the entrance gates at the MBTA’s Fields Corner Station.

After stopping Grannum, the MBTA Police Officers also discovered that he was wanted on 11 outstanding warrants for various criminal charges, including Assault & Battery on a Police Officer, Intimidation of a Witness, Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Receiving Stolen Property and Resisting Arrest. He was also cited $15 for Fare Evasion.

Throughout my years in practice in Boston as a criminal defense lawyer, I can tell you that, if a Warrant has been issued against you, the police will ultimately arrest you on that warrant. In so many instances, even with present and former client, criminal defendants will neglect to appear for their court date. When that happens, the court will definitely issue a Default Warrant against him/her. Only in instances where I have been able to offer a very good explanation for a client’s non-appearance has a Judge not issued a warrant (admitted in the hospital; pre-existing medical condition; conflicting court dates; etc.).

A Default Warrant most usually has more severe implications, because it tells the prosecutor, and in particular the Judge, that the person is not responsible to show up to court when he is expected. Especially in circumstances where there is a history of defaults on a defendant’s criminal history, the Judge will be even more inclined to impose a higher bail.

Conversely, I have represented clients with extremely long criminal histories, and even with convictions on serious criminal felony charges, have been released on Personal Recognizance (without any imposition of cash bail) because they have no history of defaults and have demonstrated that they will, in fact, honor their obligation to appear in court when ordered to do so.

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