Five Men Indicted in Salem Superior Court for Murder of Lawrence Man

Five men were indicted by an Essex County Grand Jury in Salem Superior Court on Massachusetts Murder Charges in connection with the shooting death of Roberto Gonzalez in 2009.

Francis Wyatt, 29, and Cauris Gonzalez, 22, were both arraigned in Salem Superior Court this week for First Degree Murder. Two other men, Yoshio Stackerman and Thomas Castro, are scheduled to be arraigned at a later date. A sixth man, Joel Javier, reportedly surrendered to police in Provincetown yesterday after he was named in the murder indictment.

Maribel Villafane, 25, was also arraigned in Salem Superior Court on the charge of Accessory After the Fact to Murder.

According to Lawrence and Massachusetts State Police, Robert Gonzalez was allegedly targeted as he sat in his minivan in Lawrence when he was approached by two gunmen who began to open fire. Gonzalez reportedly dove into the passenger’s seat, but was reportedly hit by several bullets.

Shortly after the shooting, Robert Gonzalez’ wife was interview, who stated she believed that Gonzalez was targeted in retaliation over an argument he had a few days before over some money he was owed.

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