Cambridge Man Charged Rape at Boston’s July 4th Celebration

Joseph Lee Brown, 22, of Cambridge, was arrested and charged with Massachusetts Sex Crimes for allegedly raping sexually assaulting a 19 year old woman in Boston on July 4th. Brown was arraigned yesterday in Brighton District Court on the sex crime of Rape.

According to the Massachusetts State Police, the alleged sexual assault occurred shortly before 11:00 p.m. following Boston’s fireworks display at the Esplanade. According to police, Joseph Lee Brown met the young woman in Harvard Square that evening, and the two walked along the Charles River to watch the fireworks.

In the area near the John W. Weeks Footbridge, Joseph Lee Brown allegedly pushed the woman to the ground and raped her. Immediately following the alleged sexual assault, the woman had a friend call 911 and then admitted herself into Cambridge Hospital to be treated for injuries and to have a rape examination done.

Joseph Lee Brown was reportedly arrested by Cambridge Police who then transferred him to the Massachusetts State Police barracks. It is unclear, however, how Brown came to be identified and arrested, e.g., whether the young woman was able to identify him by name or whether some sort of identification process was utilized by the police in order to identity him.

At Brown’s arraignment on Rape Charges in Brighton yesterday, Brighton District Court presiding justice Judge Donnelly imposed a $50,000 bail on these charges, and also revoked his bail on a separate pending criminal matter which charges him with Larceny and Assault.

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