Harvard Student Charged with Larceny & Identity Theft

Adam B. Wheeler, 23, a Harvard University senior, is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow in Middlesex Superior Court for various Theft Crimes involving allegedly forging academic documents, transcripts, and for collecting over $45,000 in financial aid and scholarships under false pretenses.

According to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office, Wheeler was admitted by Harvard as a result of falsely claiming that he had attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Phillips Academy in Andover, neither of which he attended. Harvard investigators discovered that he had once attended Bowdoin College in Maine, and improperly used referenced from that school when applying to Harvard, even though some of the referenced had never met him.

Harvard administrators became suspicious of Wheeler when he applied for the prestigious Rhodes and Fulbright Scholarships, and then discovered that he had allegedly plagiarized another student’s work. Further investigation discovered that Wheeler had also fabricated his Harvard transcript by giving himself straight A’s.

Interestingly, when Harvard began investigating him and Wheeler was put on administrative leave, he then applied to Yale and Brown University as a transfer student. He also applied for an internship at McLean Hospital, claiming he was taking a semester off.

Wheeler is scheduled to be Arraigned in Middlesex Superior Court on four counts of Larceny Over $250; eight counts of Identity Fraud; and seven counts of Falsifying an Endorsement or Approval and Pretending to Hold a Degree.

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