Latest Massachusetts Armored Car Robbery Believed to be “Inside Job”

Three men, two of which were employees of the armored car company, were arrested this week on Massachusetts Robbery Charges in connection with Monday’s armored car robbery in Methuen: Eliezer Martinez, 26, and Jose Salazar Vasquez, 21, both from Lawrence; and Justin Levesque.

Methuen Police and Boston FBI reported that the men, two of which are employees of the armored car company, that they were working a transaction shortly after 3:00 p.m. when they were approached by a man with a gun and ordered back into the armored car where they were robbed.

The Essex County District Attorney’s Office, however, reported that the armored car guards allegedly gave conflicting stories, purportedly not getting straight the description of the alleged robber.

Although police allegedly did recover cash, a gun and duct tape, there is no confirmation as of yet how much of the approximately $380,000 that was allegedly stolen was recovered.

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