Randolph Man Charged with Drug Dealing in Quincy

Destin Jean, 22 of Randolph, was arraigned in Quincy District Court this morning on several Massachusetts Drug Crimes Charges, including Drug Trafficking.

He had also previously been charged in Quincy on Gun Crimes Charges as well as Larceny of a Motor Vehicle and Leaving the Scene of an Accident.

According to the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office, Destin Jean was arrested following the execution of a search warrant after he had reportedly been the subject of a ‘month long investigation’ of alleged drug crimes.

In many types of these ‘investigation’ cases, police officers often typically engage confidential informants to purportedly conduct a few ‘controlled drug buys’ from a person suspected of dealing in narcotics from their home or other residence. Often times, the police themselves never enter into the home but rely almost exclusively on the representations of these ‘confidential informants’.

The confidential informants, meanwhile, are most often individuals who themselves have gotten or sometimes are currently in trouble with the police, and offer to provide information for lenient treatment in their present (or sometimes anticipated future) criminal matters.

In applying for the Search Warrant, the police almost never reveal the true identity of the confidential informant, but rather refer to him/her by code name, for instance, CI12, or “AJAX”. Ultimately, once the warrant is executed, the police hope to find evidence of criminal conduct and be able to establish a direct link to that criminal conduct to the person targeted in the investigations.

Sometimes, however, the government’s case could turn out to be a ‘dud’, particularly if the person arrested did not reside in the own; had no personal belongings within that might establish his residence there; had no independent access to the home without another person; had not previously been seen at or near the home; or if several or more persons could have also had access to the alleged criminal instrumentalities seized.

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