Police Lose Man in Pursuit After Unarmed Robbery of Diamonds at Braintree Mall

The Braintree Police Department continue to investigate and search for a man who pulled off a robbery of two diamonds yesterday from Zales Jewelry Store at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, Massachusetts. The stolen diamonds are said to be valued at $20,000 each.

According to police, the man walked into the jewelry store and asked to see a couple of diamonds. At the moment when the store employee was holding both diamonds in her hands, the man suddenly snatched the jewels and ran out of the store, where a getaway car was waiting for him.

The suspect’s car was chased by a nearby Braintree Police Officer, and was observed speeding onto Route 93 headed towards Boston. The criminals were followed all the way to East Milton Square, at which time the Braintree Police Officer was told to call off the pursuit. Braintree Mall Security were able to provide the officers with a partial plate number of the getaway car, but it is reported that the car had Michigan plates. I wouldn’t be surprised if these plates were attached to conceal the registered owner of the car, or if the car was stolen altogether.

Video surveillance footage from the Braintree jewelry store shows the man entering the store and speaking with the sales associate, but Braintree Police believe the man was aware of the presence of cameras and was very careful in keeping his head down.

Boston Criminal Attorney Lefteris K. Travayiakis‘ Thoughts:

From all reports, it looks like the video surveillance footage won’t be good enough to obtain a decent description of the face of the robber. I have seen the footage, and unless there are other camera angles that have not been released to the public, it does appear that the man keeps his head down at all times, and is even wearing a ‘scully’ cap low over his head.

Additionally, even with the make and model of the car, the Braintree Police will have a hard time tracking down these criminal suspects. In many types of these cases, the robberies are usually well-planned and take precautions against disclosing any identifying information. For that reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if the plate that was on the car was stolen and attached to conceal the registered owners identity, or even if the car was stolen altogether.

By all accounts, if anyone is ultimately charged with this Braintree robbery, it looks like they will have a pretty good defense at their criminal trial, unless there is some crystal clear identification evidence that is discovered.

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