Revere Man Arrested with Drugs & Alcohol in Car, Charged with 4 DUI

Richard P. Speropoulos, 64, of Revere, Massachusetts, was arrested last week on DUI / Drunk Driving Charges in Lynn when he was allegedly found sitting in his car with a bottle of vodka and a bag of marijuana.

According to the Lynn Police Department, officers purportedly received a ‘tip’ about an impaired driver on Boston Street. When officers responded to the area, they allegedly found Speropoulos sitting in his car with the engine running. Lynn Police Officers allege that Speropoulos smelled of alcohol and spoke with slurred speech.

Although Field Sobriety Tests were not performed due to ice on the ground, Lynn Police reported that a bottle of vodka, along with 23 grams of marijuana was seized from Speropoulos’ vehicle. At booking, he allegedly blew a 0.23 on the Breathalyzer Test.

Can You Be Charged With DUI / Drunk Driving If the Vehicle Is Parked?

Simply put, YES!

Under Massachusetts Drunk Driving Laws, a person is considered to “operate” a motor vehicle if he intentionally does any act or makes use of any mechanical or electrical agency of the car which, alone or in sequence, will set in motion the power of the vehicle.

In other words, “operation” or what is considered ‘driving’ under Massachusetts DUI Laws is not limited to literally driving the vehicle or even setting it in motion. Rather, the law encompasses even the intentional act of starting the vehicle’s engine!

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